About Us

Loggers Insurance Agency is a Commercial Insurance Agency providing Heavy Commercial Insurance options to businesses located in WI, IA and MN.  Logging, Log Trucking, Sawmills, Wood Products Mfg, Sand, Gravel pits or Haulers, Underground contractors as well as grading and paving are a few of the Heavy Industries we work with.

Loggers Insurance Agency II LLC is wholly owned by Mauck Insurance Agency, Inc.

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Our History

The Michigan Association of Timbermen formed a holding company called TIMSER, Inc. This entity formed Forest Insurance Center Agency, Inc in 1991. Forest Insurance Center then purchased Mauck Insurance Agency, Inc on July 9th, 2004. In 2008, the Great Lakes Timber Professionals through their wholly owned holding company, Timber Producers Service Bureau purchased 25% of Mauck Insurance Agency stock. On January 1, 2014, Mauck Insurance Agency purchased the assets of Loggers Insurance Agency, Inc. and formed Loggers Insurance Agency II, LLC. All agencies are governed by members of the forest products industry and profits earned are distributed at their discretion